👋 Mike Harmer

Designer / developer from York, UK. Obsessed with presenting creative work, brilliantly.

👀 Portfolio

A collection of recent work: portfolio sites, web apps, digital editorial design and side projects.

👨‍💻 Designer / Developer

Leading all things visual at Slate, Source and shots, a trio of companies supporting the creative ad industry.

🤘 Killer Portfolio

A showcase of beautifully designed, super-effective portfolio websites.

😎 Jekyll Themes

A curated directory of themes, templates and resources for building Jekyll websites.

👻 Precrafted

One of the top developers in Tumblr’s official theme store, used by over 100k creators and big brands.

👻 Popcorn

Custom websites for the creative ad industry, now absorbed into my current role at Slate Studio.

👻 MakersFeed

Embed a beautiful, aggregated feed from all your social networks on your website.

👻 Propeller

Exclusive, handpicked business opportunities with highly brandable domain names.

👻 Lead Themes

Pro templates for LeadPages designed to increase conversions.

👻 SoundShirt

Generate a waveform from your audio, and get it printed on a t-shirt.

👻 DoToday

A simple daily to-do app to encourage focus and set realistic goals.